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As should be obvious, I’m not a professional critic or academic. “Sopranos Autopsy” is my attempt to produce an analysis that is readable, original, easily accessible and—I hope—worthy of the series. (It is not, however, very objective – I’m just too big a fan of the show to be impartial.) Much of the professional scholarship of The Sopranos is, well, too scholarly to be palatable for most fans, while many of the blogs and fan sites out there do not give the show’s artistry its proper due. I’ve tried to split the difference here. The entire site should be finished by mid-2018.

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for new posts, site updates and Sopranos-related news. (Following me on WordPress won’t get you anywhere because technically I’m publishing “pages” and not “posts.” Another note: I know most people visit this site on their cell phones, but the site really is optimized for laptop or desktop or tablet viewing – WordPress doesn’t even show all the pics when viewed by phone…) You can contact me at Ron@sopranosautopsy.com with questions or comments.

Thanks for visiting,

“Writing is 1% inspiration, 99% not getting distracted by the internet.”


c august-89


9 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Ron
    What a fantastic site! I am currently rewatching the Sopranos and stumbled upon your site. A question: I believe I saw that you were going to be finishing season 6 last year, but have yet to actually post it. I’m just wondering if it’s still coming or should I not get my hopes up? I certainly hope you do add whatever you have because your deconstruction is something I (and obviously a lot of other readers and fans) seem to truly appreciate and enjoy.
    Thanks again and hope to see the end soon!

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  2. Ron, I’ve seen the sopranos so many times over the years, yet with the addition of your analysis and that of Todd Van Der Werff at the a.v. club i feel like I’ve never seen it more clearly; which is why I am honestly begging you to finish this website. I’m particularly interested to see what you make of the episode ‘Unidentified black males’ and if you see anything of significance in uncle Pats farmhouse in ‘Cold cuts’. please hasten to complete sir!!

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  3. 9Nf5zMtYPuUcPfyBrXNJAynaZFFXRwHhaCB2BKoNHlI=

    Ron – just wanted to send a word of encouragement. LOVE your posts. Please keep going!

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  4. hey Ron really enjoyed your write up of Marco Polo; with great observations of the pool party, and Tony and Carmela s brief reunion. You consistently demonstrate deep affection for the characters and their arc whilst observing the subtleties of the plot which Todd Van Der Werff, being a broad t.v. critic, i believe is slightly too merciless to do to the same standard as you. I have been meaning to pick your brain about something though: what do you make of the story line surrounding Harpo, Janice’s son? i have my own theories but it would be interesting to hear your observations.

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  5. Hey Ron.
    Excellent work! Very insightful and well-written, much like The Sopranos itself. Cheers!

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  6. Hi Ron, I really enjoy your website. Do you have plans on doing this type of analysis for any other shows?

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  7. I didn’t watch the show until it went off the air. No cable at the time. But now I’m a zombie watching each season over and over. I love your site so much. You are the BEST. Thank you.

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